For women living life in the rough

Whether you have a husband who golfs a little or a lot, you're a golf widow, and this is the place for you.


It’s a sisterhood of women who love their husbands, but hate competing with golf.


It’s a community where you can commiserate with others who understand golf widows.


It’s a place to find acceptance, tips, and funny stories about our lives with golfers.


If you’ve got a golfer, you’ve got a golf widow tale to tell. Share your experiences with the rest of the gals, and join the only club that really gets golf widows!


Share your story


We love our husbands, but...


Has your husband ever golfed on your birthday? Your anniversary?


Has he forgotten to pick up the kids while perfecting his swing on the range?


You've got a story to tell sister, so spill it!



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If you think this is funny, then this club's for you.

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