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Great Gifts for Guys Who Golf

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

One of the great things about having a husband who golfs is that gift giving is a cinch.

The golf lover's gift guide.

“The only thing a golfer needs is more daylight.”
Ben Hogan

5 great gift ideas for golfers

1. A bag

Sure he has one already. But just like we women love to sport a new handbag, our husbands like to update their golf bag as well. Sometimes they like them lightweight and easy to tote, sometimes size matters, and sometimes it's just a status thing.

See, I told you—just like women and their purses.

2. Balls

I know you just bought some last month, but believe me, these little suckers have a way of disappearing. But shopping for them can get confusing what with all the brands, numbers, and descriptors.

So how do you choose the best golf balls for your husband?

The best way is just to ask him. Many golfers are very particular about their balls. But if you want to keep it a surprise or simply impress him by showing you know him so well you can even pick out the perfect balls for him, then you'll have to know a little bit about the kind of golfer he is.

Beginners are easy—get the cheapest balls possible. If your hubby is a newbie, he's going to lose a lot of balls, so don't waste your money on gems.

Intermediate golfers need a little more from their balls. Look for two-piece low compression balls. For a guy with a slower swing speed, these will really help him get some distance.

Advanced players (guys who shoot par or better, see Golf Lingo) can handle multilayer balls. The more complex construction will affect every aspect of performance from spin, to feel, to distance.

When in doubt, ask the guys at the pro shop. They love showing off their extensive golf knowledge.

3. Shoes

The average golfer spends about 4-5 hours walking about 4-5 miles per round of golf.

Imagine what that does to his feet!

Quality shoes are important and they take a lot of wear and tear, so don't skimp here. The style is really a matter of personal preference, and only you know what's right for your guy—athletic, trendy, traditional, even sandals.

But don't cheap out on the quality.

Leather is best, but most expensive.

Weatherproof is a deal breaker.

Synthetic is cheaper, but they don't breathe as well.

4. Range Finder

Your husband's success (or failure) on the course depends in large part on his ability to judge distances. My husband happens to have an uncanny gift in this area, but many men don't.

If you suspect your husband might be spatially challenged, buy him a range finder. These handy devices calculate the exact distance between the ball and the pin.

There are many models available, from a basic laser that looks like binoculars to a sophisticated GPS system that would make the Geek squad proud.

5. Gadgets Galore

If you've ever walked through a golf store with your husband, you know that it's a shopper's paradise.

Even if you loathe the sport, you find yourself picking up all the little tools and gadgets and checking out the golf-centric gift ideas.

Divot tools, ball markers, tees, hand towels, cleat cleaners, putting games, and club covers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to useful goodies.

But beyond that, there are also calendars, playing cards, glasses and mugs, ties, blankets, slippers, you name it. Have a ball!

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